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The ability to provide pickup or delivery has become critical to staying in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even when this emergency is over it will probably remain an important service. Done properly it saves time, reduces lost orders, and minimises the type of interaction that can spread a virus.

But it needs to be easy and quick for both you and the customer

Our System allows people to place orders from the website or Facebook. They can customise their order where you allow and it's all on a clean and fast window.

All you need is a tablet or phone with internet connection to instantly receive their order. Quickly confirm the time and optionally print a receipt. The customer is informed and you get back to preparing orders.


See just how easy it is for your customer to place and order on a fresh, clean booking form.
Please note that the regular operation requires the restaurant to confirm the order on your tablet or phone. For this demo that will not happen so the system will mark it as incomplete after 3 minutes. You will receive a notification and email about this.


Increased Revenue

Customers get their order through every time. No busy lines or missed calls.

Reduced Costs

You don’t need to dedicate staff to taking the orders. Or to pay high fees.


Our system is easy enough that you can change it as your business changes.

Ease Of Mind

Knowing you’re not missing orders - and even taking them when you’re closed - reduces your stress levels.

Happy Customers

Customers can order when it suits them and know their order will be ready to collect without queuing.


Having multiple channels for taking orders is important at all times - and prepares your for the unexpected.

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Why Choose Our System?

The need to take remote orders has been shown to be critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses were already set-up for this but many were not, either because they didn't previously have a need (sit-down restaurants come to mind) or they simply had never gotten around to implementing one.

But, as we've seen, the need to pivot your business model and react to the unexpected is important.

Taking orders and bookings by phone is not great since it ties up staff and often customers can't get through. And an increasing majority of people dislike the phone anyway.

Given these facts an online booking/ordering system is an essential channel to have (among others). So why choose ours?

Reduce Costs

Keeping your costs low is important in the best of times. These days it's critical

Our Restaurant Ordering System helps you to keep your costs low while maximising orders.

  • No fees for any orders where the customer pays you directly.
  • No more having staff spending their time on the phone
  • Manage it yourself with our simple interface. No expensive IT needed.
  • Get orders directly to your phone or tablet

Power and Flexibility

A system that limits your options can do more harm than good. You need one that works the way you do rather than forcing you to work its way.

Our system is flexible and powerful enough to meet all your specific needs.

  • Deliveries, collections, table booking, order ahead and more
  • Multiple delivery zones
  • Totally customisable menu's
  • Multi-location capability
  • Embed in any website

Maximise Orders And Profits

A system isn't any good if your customers don't actually place orders, is it? You need one that converts.

Luckily we have you covered there...

  • Modern, attractive and mobile-friendly ordering form
  • Embeddable in any website
  • Customer gets direct confirmation that their order has been accepted by you, not a machine
  • Multiple languages automatically
  • Online payment or pay on collection
  • Promotions and offers

Receiving An Order

How does this work in practice?

Well first you have to get it set-up. This is easy. Just create the account, enter your details and menu (we walk you through the process) and then download the order-receiving app. When that's done embed the button in your website or Facebook page and let your customers know.

When a customer places an order it's immediately sent to your app for you to confirm. Circumstances change so this is an important step - maybe you're busy and it will take an extra 10 minutes to be ready, you don't want the customer waiting around. And it reassures the customer that the order hasn't slipped through the cracks.

That's it!

Now you have a system that frees you from the telephone, reduces missed orders and unhappy customers, and even lets you take advance orders when you're closed!

All For Free!

Paid Options

There is no charge to use our ordering system for orders paid on delivery/collection. But we also offer some optional premium services that help you save time and effort if you want them.

Get Your Ordering System

Give me some basic info and I'll create the account and send you login details.No commitment or cost.

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